Passengers Removed for Non-Compliance: A Pilot’s View.

With many groups heading off together in the summer, maybe educating them on the WHY’s before they board could save this happening as often!

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You probably read the headline, which made the news more because of the students’ baseless allegation that they we’re removed from their flight because they were Jewish. (Read the story: click here)

But let’s go beyond that smokescreen and look at the real issue from a pilot’s viewpoint–because it was a pilot’s responsibility to have them removed for non-compliance with crewmember instructions.

There are two issues here: electronic interference from handheld devices in flight, and equally important, compliance with federal regulations and flight crew instructions. First, let’s look at electronic devices and their possible effect on a flight.


Let’s go to the heart of the matter: landings. Why? Because this is the phase of flight during which the instrument guidance is arguably to most vital: you’re dealing with limited or practically speaking, no visibility as you attempt to land (versus taking off, when you’re climbing away from the…

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Vacation Vs Staycation

On the 1st of June 5 adults and 3 children boarded a ferry and set sail to… the Isle of Wight!


Being a world traveller I had never vacationed in the UK. Until I had my daughter.

Packing, Airports, Flying with an energetic 2 year old – It just doesn’t set my travelling senses alight as it once did. Perhaps mostly because I don’t want her to be bored.

As much as laying on the beach / by the pool all day appeals to me , I somehow don’t get the feeling she would be so thrilled. I have travelled with her (Europe and Florida) but that was before she knew she had a mind of her own !

Content with open spaces, a bucket and spade and the company of her cousins this year we decided that a week in the UK would be our holiday.

I discovered places I never knew existed. Learnt to use my imagination again. No thrill seeking rollercoasters to awaken my senses – but a fantasy land by the name of Blackgang Chine.

for the grand total of £22.50 you were given a 7 day freedom ticket to return as often as you liked, and on top of this also granted access to another adventure park by the name of Robin Hill

Educational, Fun and full of open spaces.

Probably not appealing to those over the age of 10 but as the children we had were 2, 6 and 9 I can say for sure it would suit the unders.

We visited beaches, drove across the island (one side to the other took us under 1.5 hours!!) , Visited Carisbrooke Castle and of course The Needles. ( I say of course as though I had ever heard about it before!)


We stayed in a hidden cottage , surrounded by woodland with enough space to lose all 3 children if you tried hard enough 😉 . It wasn’t 5* and personally I would say it needed some updating but it was clean and very well equipped and lets be honest – kids dont care about that sort of thing.


One of the best things about our week away was the weather. We came back with tans as though we had been to the Med, no less than 22 degrees each day and rarely a cloud in the sky. Yet we were only 3.5 hours from home. We were still in the UK.

971494_10152873192570713_1927220074_n As happy with a bat and ball as she would be seeing Mickey Mouse again !

It got me wondering where else in the UK we should go next.

I’m not a fan of holiday parks , I like my own space.

Being a Travel Agent of course I have access to properties all over the world and I can advise people on the greatest of well kept secrets in fawaway countires. But I know next to nothing about the very country I have spent my entire life.

Please – Share with me your Staycation ideas, educate and give me some inspiration for my next discovery!

Fear not – I will be headed for Bulgaria in 2014 but for now Staycationing is winning for me.