More than just a Travel Agent

When I tell people that I own my own Travel Agency or that I am a Travel Agent you would be surprised by the number of people who ask “oh do you book flights too”.

I know. I don’t understand either.

Rather than launch into a (badly) rehearsed sales pitch about all the fabulous extras I can provide, I usually just reply politely with “yes”.

I don’t have a huge shop front or a neon flashing sign above my door screaming “VIPTRAVELUK” , in fact I shouldn’t be surprised that people don’t really know what I do. I always assumed everyone knew Travel Agents booked flights (and holidays).

Flights-from-UK-to-the-Maldives Yes I can book these!


I was severely let down by one company who I booked with in particular. When things went wrong they failed miserably.

This experience is always where I return to when dealing with any customers or business clients. I want to ensure from start to finish that they have the best and easiest time booking their holidays (or business flights) with me.

So, why am I more than just a Travel Agent?

Well, I am the call centre too!! This was where I had the worst part of customer service and so I feel that if while you are away you have ANY  requests , complaints or emergencies you should call me. After all I’m the one who booked it for you. Yes, its true I will even give you my mobile number and drop everything (except my two year old) and attend to your need.

I am the Excursion / Events coordinator – Before you leave I will arrange all the tickets to the shows, parks, experiences you require and if you are extra lucky or pressed for time I will do your itinerary for you (which of course you can change / ignore) complete with addresses for those sat navs in your hired car (which I booked and remembered to request a child seat for you) .

I will even be your travel buddy and come with you just to make sure you get there safe and sound (you’re paying of course 😉 )

If you are time pressed, loath internet searches and just want a human to talk things over with – I’m here.

I book many repeat business flights / accommodation for some very busy clients who simply email me their dates and destinations and leave the rest to me. I plan , book and confirm everything and save not only money but valuable time spent on the ground waiting for necessary connecting flights. If you check out our Linkedin profile you will see how happy one of our clients is.

Some of you may or may not know what ABTA / ATOL is – if you don’t, have a Google as I don’t want to bore you further. But when you have, you just need to know that as well as being a very good travel buff, always giving you top class service no matter the time of day – I’ve also got you covered if things do go wrong. Which sometimes, they will. But you don’t need to worry about that you just need to tell me where you want to go next !!






Around the World on the QE2

I came across a trunk full of treasures belonging to my partner who had told me many tales of her time working on board the QE2 in the 80s. The usual “collectibles” “memorabilia” and “must haves” – but what I loved the most was a poem she wrote about each adventure she encountered. I asked nicely if I could share this with you all so sit back, grab a cocktail and come around the world with us in 5 minutes:

“I saw the World and Sailed the Sea”

Andrea House

I saw the world and sailed the sea while working hard , as busy as a bee,

Sailing on the Queen Elizabeth 2, What a thing for me to do,

I saw the whores in Manila dance, I ate the bread I brought in France

In the Caribbean , the waters I swam,

And in China? Adventurously I tried the Clam

When in Tahiti I rode in a Jeep and snorkelled for corals I wanted to keep

On safari in Mombasa I did trek (and ended up a nervous wreck!!)

Was chased by elephants and a Lion I saw, as King of the Jungle he is Law,

In Tokyo I went to Disneyland , saw Mickey Mouse and shook his hand

In Hawaii I went in a submarine, the underwater world is something to be seen!

In New York from the East Side is where I took a helicopter ride

Then I went up the Empire State – the view from there I really did rate!!

And up the World Trade Centre I did go, to have lunch (and get vertigo)

In Sydney I visited the Opera House, which was so big I felt like a mouse

From New Zealand to Aussie I cruised Milford Sand , Rain and Sun is what I found

In Oz I cruised the Barrier Reef, floating on the wind just like a leaf

In Bombay I saw poor people beg, when they are born they break their leg 😦

In San Diego we had some fun – In Sea World and under the sun

Another great feat to you I can tell….

Is the day I passed through the Panama Canal

With the old traditional mules now made of steel , pulled along mechanically with the cogs of a wheel

In Rio to Copa Cabana I did stray and under that sun I did lay

And when the sun was setting in the sky, Up the Statue Of Christ I went with Guy

Below the sun , above the hue, Up Sugar Loaf Mountain I went for the view

The funny shaped Llamas in Chile walked lopsided and looked so silly !

In Lanzarote I saw Fire Mountain and saw some camels there who sat there pouting

Singapore, the place of the “Singapore Sling” in Raffles Hotel (Or the Mandarin)

In Acapulco I went for a parachute ride and brought some things made from animal hide

In Salvador I brought a car plate for Ally – the people were rough, I didn’t dare tally !

In Kingston, Jamaica I got sunburnt – It hurt so much , my lesson I learnt

In Gibraltar I ventured up the Rock and from the Apes I got a shock

In Madeira where the weather is fine , I tasted the Port (and got drunk on wine…)

In Newport Rhode Island all this took place (I dressed up in frills, buttons & lace!!)

Had my picture taken in the old style fashion and had lunch in the old White Horse Tavern

In Copenhagen sat on a rock by the sea is a mermaid alone, for all to see

And in the Fjords with mountains so tall from the side of a cliff I saw a water fall

In Thailand things were so cheap – prostitutes so young it would make you weep

Though you would get a shock if beside one you awoke only to discover

that she….. was a bloke!!

In Hong Kong the mothers were begging for babies milk , while others stood by to select their silk..

All these places around the world I have been, Yet there is so much more I have not seen

Like the Rolling Stones at the Tokyo Dome, Or the old ruins in Ancient Rome

All of this could bring a tear to your cheek

But life to the full is what I seek

Take these words, listen and heed

I will give this all up when I find what I need.